Thursday, January 28, 2010

week 3

Media Literacy/Little Kids... Big Potential

I'm in shock. These kids are amazing learners. I wasn't using the internet regularly until i was about 16. Before that i could get lost on the internet. It's a vast space of knowledge that can easily get a 1st grader confused and lost, but these students know enough to do what they need to do and stay on track.

The best part is they seem to enjoy it. I didn't learn how to blog until a few weeks ago and these children are already doing it! I feel as if I'm behind. How can i catch up to people who are already years ahead of me? Am i ready to teach children that already know more than me? I think so. I'm prepared to learn from my future students.

iPhone used by 1 Year Old Baby

Wow! This reminds me of my step brother's little boy Eli. My step brother Carl has an iPhone and is very much into technology. Eli loves to play with his daddy's iPhone. The technology is not hard to use once one learns how to use it. Starting at that young of an age will increase a child's learning ability. It stimulates the mind.

Pod casts

Some of the pod casts i listened to (randomly selected) were informative. Those were the main pod casts I took notes about. Although some were not so helpful, this assignment, as a whole, was very helpful. I thought we would just record some stuff and be done with it. Apparently I was wrong.

Before i get into my main point I would like to say that I find it very interesting that teachers are using tutorial style pod casts to teach and learn about technology and how to use it. This type of learning should be used more frequently in today's classrooms.

There is a lot more to creating a successful pod cast than just sitting down and recording a random topic. First, one must choose a topic he or she is interested in or the student is headed for what i believe to be absolute failure. Dan Schmit said that there are not as many student pod casts as he expected.

His pod cast, "The Medium is NOT the Message", was my favorite pod cast i heard. I would say it helped me the most. If i wouldn't have listened to it I would have been one of those students that does a pod cast simply just to create it because that was the assignment. I wouldn't have chosen a topic I was deeply interested in. I would have just picked one and said, "Well this will do".

In my pod cast i will try my best to stay away from lengthy introductions. I will get to the point on a topic I am highly interested in and take my presentation further than the technical pieces of the pod cast its self. I would like to hold an "extended academic conversation", as Schmit put it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 2

A Vision of Students Today: Michael Wesch

This video is amazing! It does a fabulous job depicting the life of a college student. The beginning of the video, where the camera is going around the room, showing writing on walls and chairs, is a rather interesting point of entry for the video. It made me ask, "Where are they going with this?" With that thought in my head, I was instantly hooked and had to watch the rest.
I was baffled at how this video made me feel as if every college student and I were the same person. Every one of us face the same problems. Honestly, I cannot add or take away any aspect of this video. It covered many issues I've recognized that I deal with and others that I deal with but did not yet recognize as an issue. This video is definitely and eye opener. I believe technology can save us. For those of you who disagree, I ask you this question, if technology cannot save us, what can?

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

"Huh? What the? Wait.... Really? Is there? Whoa!" Here are a few examples of what was running through my head. Before I could ask myself one question I would see the next line and how fast those numbers were growing. The main question i asked myself, after the initial shock passed, was "Can this be real?" Another question was, "With all this active cash flow, how is our economy so bad?"
No, this question is not off topic. With all this Internet accessibility, the job market for the future is vastly expanding. There can only be so many teachers per classroom and only so many per school. That is, with the old ideology of teacher and student. I have taken online classes, but i still met in a classroom with my instructor every now and then. What if the teacher and student never sits in the same class? Would it be possible to achieve the same quality education as the traditional method? I think so. Possibly even a better quality education. I believe that the new up and coming group of teachers will soon have almost infinite resources to obtain a job.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 1

Did You Know 3.0: Karl Fisch

"If your one in a million in China...there are 1,300 people just like you." 1,300 people just like ME? Now that is scary! Why are so many Chinese learning English? Is it to bridge the gap between us or to make us as Americans feel insignificant? Based on the IQ statement it sure seems that way. Maybe more of us should take the initiative to learn another language and not be so stubborn. I believe they are smarter than us because we are lazier than them. Technology is expanding at an alarming rate. Dating sites were made for 30 year old men that needed to get out of their mothers basement and get a life that does not involve World of Warcraft. I think they are pointless. Get out and do something! Technology is amazing but it is making us lazy. I do not want to be around in 2049 to see what will happen with a computer that great. I love technology but too much is not a good thing. Are computers going to run everything in the world? Will everything be electronic? I hope not. I like my paper money, books, paintings, music, etc. I do not want everything i enjoy accessible by computer. I like reading real books and doing real drawings with my own hands, not on a computer. I hope technology does not affect the music industry more than it needs to. We have enough techno music, it sucks, we do not need anymore!

Mr. Winkle Wakes: Matthew Needleman

This video does a great job showing how much our society has grown and how abundant technology is. Technology can be a very strange thing, but it can be a very useful tool in almost all aspects of life. Businesses prosper because of their use of technology. Lives are saved thanks to our technological advances in the medical field. In my opinion this video is saying that technology is not being used in the classroom because the old conventional way of teaching is a lot more appealing and comfortable to most teachers. More teachers need to brake out of that mold of "old school" teaching, take advantage of the technology available to them and apply to their teachings.

The Importance of Creativity: Sir Ken Robinson

"If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original." Had to quote this. I completely agreed with this section of the video. Children are very creative and are not afraid to just "have a go", as Robinson says. I think its safe to say that when people are creative, whether that person is inventing a revolutionary new product or writing a book, they connect with their inner child. They go back in time to those days where anything was possible and everything imaginable existed. If we fear failure we will never succeed, this is my opinion. This video does an amazing job with stating that our education system has evolved into a system which only allows children to do things "the right way". We are teaching our children a skewed systematic set of rules and regulations to abide by and not allowing them the freedom of imagination.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts: Vicki Davis

This video is an excellent example on how to use technology effectively in a class room. Not only does she show them how to use these programs, she also allows the students to teach her. The students showed her how to do something she had never done before. A good way to understand how to do something is to teach it to someone else. She allows her students to do things on their own and gives them the freedom to figure certain things out on their own. Some may think that her way of teaching may be lazy because she doesn't do it the old fashion way, but students should not be spoon fed the material they need to know. Her way of teaching and her teacher/student relationship shills are amazing. This is a woman that gets the job done.