Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 2

A Vision of Students Today: Michael Wesch

This video is amazing! It does a fabulous job depicting the life of a college student. The beginning of the video, where the camera is going around the room, showing writing on walls and chairs, is a rather interesting point of entry for the video. It made me ask, "Where are they going with this?" With that thought in my head, I was instantly hooked and had to watch the rest.
I was baffled at how this video made me feel as if every college student and I were the same person. Every one of us face the same problems. Honestly, I cannot add or take away any aspect of this video. It covered many issues I've recognized that I deal with and others that I deal with but did not yet recognize as an issue. This video is definitely and eye opener. I believe technology can save us. For those of you who disagree, I ask you this question, if technology cannot save us, what can?

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

"Huh? What the? Wait.... Really? Is there? Whoa!" Here are a few examples of what was running through my head. Before I could ask myself one question I would see the next line and how fast those numbers were growing. The main question i asked myself, after the initial shock passed, was "Can this be real?" Another question was, "With all this active cash flow, how is our economy so bad?"
No, this question is not off topic. With all this Internet accessibility, the job market for the future is vastly expanding. There can only be so many teachers per classroom and only so many per school. That is, with the old ideology of teacher and student. I have taken online classes, but i still met in a classroom with my instructor every now and then. What if the teacher and student never sits in the same class? Would it be possible to achieve the same quality education as the traditional method? I think so. Possibly even a better quality education. I believe that the new up and coming group of teachers will soon have almost infinite resources to obtain a job.

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  1. Matt I could not agree with you more about the video by Michael Wesch. I too also face many of the problems presented in the video. One of the most important signs I saw in the video is the one on multi-tasking. I believe without it college is almost impossible.