Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 7

How we Dream Part 1 and 2:

The big step we have taken, as a society, in literature, with the use of technology is remarkable. No longer do students have to physically go to a library, track down the book they want and continue the scavenger hunt thumbing through hundreds of pages to find the information they desire.

Anyone at anytime can search the web and find what they want in less time than it takes to find information the traditional way. Not only are the web based documents faster and easier to access, they are also capable of containing more information than what can be found on the book shelves. These documents can contain historical information and present day thoughts and discussions about the topic.

There are accessible videos and blogging networks one can use to research and discuss a topic. Visual representation plays a huge role in the modern way of spreading ideas. "Ideas don't belong to us individually, but belong to us as a culture, and that we as educators must be in the business of sharing ideas freely."

The Networked Student: Wendy Drexler

Drexler's high school students did a YouTube video titled "Networked Student. This video is about students in the 21st century. In their presentation talk about the need of the students PLN's and not on text book and memorized knowledge. Honestly, why should we memorize facts when we can get the answer from the internet. The old days of searching libraries for books is over. If that were the case today, I could understand the need to memorize information.

Another question asked is, "Why does a networked student even need a teacher?" Students can find out anything they want on their own. The teacher is no longer the source for information. Teachers these days are their for guidance only, if you look at it this way. The teachers lead them along and to encourage them find answers they don't know.

I think we will always need some form of a teacher. One could have all the infinite knowledge at their fingertips, but if they don't know how to get to the right sources, or even how to use what they have found, they are no better off than someone who doesn't have the information to begin with.

Toward a New Future of Whatever: Michael Wesch

AH! 1984 by George Orwell. I referenced this book in a blog and in a few comments. Amazing book! If you have not read it, do so! But I'm not talking to you.... I'm talking to this... Don't take it so personal. I actually enjoyed this video more than any other video I have watched so far. He references so many people and things that I am familiar with or can relate to. I laughed constantly! The video made me think, was entertaining and educational. Loved the Kurt Cobain/ Nirvana reference. I knew almost every clip, picture, video, whatever, that he referenced in his speech. There's a "whatever" in use right there. I recommend everyone who uses the internet or these new media devices, watch this video and pay attention! Maybe this comment isn't exactly what my teacher expects....maybe he wants me to discuss this video further..... WHATEVER just watch it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My PLN consists of information and ideas from the following sources that I am either following on blogs or submitted to:

Dr. Scott McLeod
: Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Educational Administration program at Iowa State University.

Karl Fisch
: Director of Technology at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, USA.

Dr. John Hadley Strange

Dr. Strange's EDM 310 Class Blog


Comments for Kids!!

Comments for Kids: brief description
Week 4 I did a post for Mr. McClung's class, where students discussed waves.

Week 5 I posted a comment on Matthew T's (a student) discussion of a book he read.

Week 6 I attempted to post a comment on Amy's blog but the site was having difficulties.

Week 7 I commented on a whole class that showed how to blend colors when doing art work. This post was by far the most enjoyable.

Week 8 I commented on Brian's "Questions" post where I informed him about Wikipedia and I also commented on his poem about Cheetah's.

Week 9 I commented on Anita's video about her school.
Week 10 I commented on St. Pius Room 6 creations video where they did their own "pop idol".
Week 12 I commented on Lomio-Lee's post. It said:
I like to play with Sean by the tree. By Lomio-Lee.
I liked that it ryhmed with the students name. The art is wonderful!
Week 13 I commented on Josephine's simile poem.
Week 14 I commented on Eleva's video titled "Eleva's Camp Thoughts"


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comments for Teachers (started week 6)

Dr. Scott McLeod

dear parent



board member

don't teach your kids to read

for the Web

to scan




don't teach your kids to write


pen and paper aren't going anywhere

since when do kids need an audience?

no need to hyperlink

make videos



no connecting, now

no social networking

or online chat

or comments

or PLNs

blogs and twitter?

how self-absorbed

what a bunch of crap

and definitely, absolutely, resolutely, no cell phones

block it all

lock it down

keep it out

it's evil, you know

there's bad stuff out there

gotta keep your children safe

don't you know collaboration is just another word for cheating?

don't you know how much junk is out there?

haven't you ever heard of sexting?

of cyberbullying?

a computer 24-7? no thanks

I don't want them





you know they're just going to look at porn

and hook up with predators

we can't trust them

don't do any of it, please


'cause I'm doing all of it with my kids

can't wait to see who has a leg up in a decade or two

can you?

My Comment:

"Dont teach your kids this stuff. Please?" is a wonderfully written piece of work. The media's perception on technology is faulty in many ways. Yes, it can be used for mischievous purposes, but to deny your child the learning experiences technology has to offer is a crime. For those of you who think technology is ALL evil and refuse to allow your child to use these tools to better their education: They will eventually use technology.... It may be pushing the combo #6 button on their new McDonalds touch screen registers, even though I ordered a #4...but they will use technology.... And thats perfectly fine. Your child can serve my child his Big Mac with onions that he specifically said to take off.... I will not let my child suffer because of my ignorance!

Should Orange County (FL) Public Schools have a social media policy for educators?
[This is the text of an e-mail I just sent the 7 board members for the Orange County (FL) Public Schools.]
Dear OCPS School Board members,
Greetings from the freezing state of Iowa!
I read with interest the recent Orlando Sentinel article on educators, students, and social media. Before you forge ahead with any policies that target any specific technologies (whether they be cell phones, messaging formats, or online social media tools), I would encourage you to read my short blog post on this:
No Facebook for you!
The key point of the post is that tools and technologies both change and actually are irrelevant to the underlying issue of inappropriate teacher behavior. If you feel as a board that your existing policies are insufficient (and I would be surprised if what you need already isn't in place), I hope that at least you will not frame them in terms of specific technologies (per my reasoning in the blog post).
I would be happy to discuss this with some or all of you if so desired. All my best.

My Comment:

I am a student at the University of South Alabama.

It is true...these tools and technologies are irrelevant to the underlying issue of inappropriate teacher behavior. Students should not be denied the possible benifits of using these tools. The problem is with the teachers tho. Its not that every teacher has a secret agenda when communicating with students via facebook, or any other media device, the issue is how to use these tools properly. I will be entering the teaching world in a few years and I hope to see something positive come of all this. Thank you for you words Scott!

The Future of Print, Part 3

My Comment:

This video was amazing! Maybe todlers shouldn't use this. (agreeing with the post by Tina) They may just chew it up. Never the less, it is a great idea!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 6

Dr. Christie’s site:

Dr. Christie speaks and conducts workshops nationally and internationally on how technology can enhance learning and teaching. She taught K-12 for 25 years then received her Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Language and Literacy from Arizona State University in 1995. By viewing her site, one can easily for the opinion that she is a very organized and successful individual.

I really enjoyed "
Dr. Alice Christie's Discovering Art in a Web 2.0 World". Not only does she have pictures of art work on the internet for students to view, she also has podcasts done by students that recall their visit. The best part is that she has an interactive map that is very helpful. Her online lessons include the artists name, assistants names (if any), the location, materials used, description of art along with photos, and also explains how the arts displayed were funded.

I think something similar to this would be a great tool in the class room to allow students to engage in technology. For example: after taking students on a field trip have them help in writing up information that would be useful, like the items listed above. Have them blog about their visit, create pod casts (with or without video). Maybe even create a video post cast while conducting the field trip. Make it more educational rather than just a fun day out of class. Students can have fun and still continue learning.

iTunes University

iTunes university was launched less than two years ago and already has became so popular that students are skipping classes and downloading their lectures from iTunes. Some universities allow their lectures to be accessible by the entire public, but some only allow it to enrolled students.

Some professors have resorted to limiting downloads in order to encourage class attendance.

It has been said that new research suggests that university students that download a podcast lecture get higher exam results than students that actually attended the lecture.
"Podcasted lectures offer students the chance to replay difficult parts of a lecture and therefore take better notes", says Dani McKinney, a psychologist at the State University of New York in Fredonia.

Using iPods in Instruction

iPods are capable of storing tons of audio and video files. Most kids and teenagers think of only music and music videos when they think of their iPod. Several universities, as well as some high schools, have began using iPods for instructional purposes. College professors are using iTunes university, a nationwide service that makes lectures and other materials available online.

Believe it or not, iPods are actually being used in some high schools where as most high school confiscate electronic devices when seen in the classroom. When are teachers and administrators going to stop confiscating learning tools? Some K-12 teachers and schools have started using the iPod to enhance their curriculum and support learning objectives in content areas such as science, math, reading, history, and foreign language.

My next door neighbor at the Grove actually uses his iPod to study. His room mate uses it to practice his German before tests. I have not had a German class since high school, but when I checked out the tutorials and quizzes on his iPod I was amazed at how well it helped me recall all I had been taught.

Duke Univ
ersity distributed 20GB iPods to over 1,600 first year students.The iPods were used in music and foreign language classes, but it was also applied to other courses. The results from this new teaching tool were very surprising. Dukes first year iPod experience can be found at this link.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 5

Wikipedia Scanner

Wikipedia is a wonderful tool in my opinion. I often use it as a building block for some of my information when writing about certain topics, but follow up with a more credible source. Surprisingly, almost all the information I have researched on Wikipedia has been true when compared to other sources. Now with this new technology I'm eager to see who is changing information and what exactly they are changing.

Virgil Griffith's Wikipedia Scanner is amazing, but knowing information like that leads me to wonder. If these companies and big wig names are willing to change what we read about them, or what we know to be true, where will it stop? The first thought that popped into my mind when I read this article was the book by George Orwell called 1984.

What I've Learned This Year: by Mr. McClung

I highly suggest anyone who wishes to be a teacher in the future read this post. Everyone who read this and commented on it seemed to enjoy it very much. Some say its an amazing post, even magic as one comment said. Most of the readers look forward to more posts and i do as well. I agree entirely that this post is a great self reflection.

I think that Karla B had one of the best comments supporting his post. In her comment on Sept. 24, 2009, Karla said "It's never easy when you start a new job, and when a person who was a lifelong student, makes the transition to "teacher" we all THINK we know how to do it, when in reality we can't possibly fully understand until we DO IT."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

week 4


I'm supposed to discuss what I've learned from one of many selected materials. I'm sorry, but I stumbled upon something more interesting I'd like to discuss. I did not learn anything from this, but I found it very interesting. Anyone who is assigned to comment on this post please go to
On the left side under SUBJECT SPECIFIC PODCASTS, click on English Language Arts. Go listen to a few of the Poems of the Week located under that catagory. At first I was wondering did this guy really post these? This is odd. Athough it was not the kind of poetry i was expecting, I couldn't stop listening to them. They caught my attention. I listened to about 8 of them. I'm not sure if I favor one over the rest, they are all equally strange, but wonderful, in my mind. 2nd opinion?