Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 7

How we Dream Part 1 and 2:

The big step we have taken, as a society, in literature, with the use of technology is remarkable. No longer do students have to physically go to a library, track down the book they want and continue the scavenger hunt thumbing through hundreds of pages to find the information they desire.

Anyone at anytime can search the web and find what they want in less time than it takes to find information the traditional way. Not only are the web based documents faster and easier to access, they are also capable of containing more information than what can be found on the book shelves. These documents can contain historical information and present day thoughts and discussions about the topic.

There are accessible videos and blogging networks one can use to research and discuss a topic. Visual representation plays a huge role in the modern way of spreading ideas. "Ideas don't belong to us individually, but belong to us as a culture, and that we as educators must be in the business of sharing ideas freely."

The Networked Student: Wendy Drexler

Drexler's high school students did a YouTube video titled "Networked Student. This video is about students in the 21st century. In their presentation talk about the need of the students PLN's and not on text book and memorized knowledge. Honestly, why should we memorize facts when we can get the answer from the internet. The old days of searching libraries for books is over. If that were the case today, I could understand the need to memorize information.

Another question asked is, "Why does a networked student even need a teacher?" Students can find out anything they want on their own. The teacher is no longer the source for information. Teachers these days are their for guidance only, if you look at it this way. The teachers lead them along and to encourage them find answers they don't know.

I think we will always need some form of a teacher. One could have all the infinite knowledge at their fingertips, but if they don't know how to get to the right sources, or even how to use what they have found, they are no better off than someone who doesn't have the information to begin with.

Toward a New Future of Whatever: Michael Wesch

AH! 1984 by George Orwell. I referenced this book in a blog and in a few comments. Amazing book! If you have not read it, do so! But I'm not talking to you.... I'm talking to this... Don't take it so personal. I actually enjoyed this video more than any other video I have watched so far. He references so many people and things that I am familiar with or can relate to. I laughed constantly! The video made me think, was entertaining and educational. Loved the Kurt Cobain/ Nirvana reference. I knew almost every clip, picture, video, whatever, that he referenced in his speech. There's a "whatever" in use right there. I recommend everyone who uses the internet or these new media devices, watch this video and pay attention! Maybe this comment isn't exactly what my teacher expects....maybe he wants me to discuss this video further..... WHATEVER just watch it.

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  1. I like what you said about the web being able to be used to find anything quickly. It is so important that we know what is out there and how to use it. It is definitely a great tool. Well said!