Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comments for Kids!!

Comments for Kids: brief description
Week 4 I did a post for Mr. McClung's class, where students discussed waves.

Week 5 I posted a comment on Matthew T's (a student) discussion of a book he read.

Week 6 I attempted to post a comment on Amy's blog but the site was having difficulties.

Week 7 I commented on a whole class that showed how to blend colors when doing art work. This post was by far the most enjoyable.

Week 8 I commented on Brian's "Questions" post where I informed him about Wikipedia and I also commented on his poem about Cheetah's.

Week 9 I commented on Anita's video about her school.
Week 10 I commented on St. Pius Room 6 creations video where they did their own "pop idol".
Week 12 I commented on Lomio-Lee's post. It said:
I like to play with Sean by the tree. By Lomio-Lee.
I liked that it ryhmed with the students name. The art is wonderful!
Week 13 I commented on Josephine's simile poem.
Week 14 I commented on Eleva's video titled "Eleva's Camp Thoughts"

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  1. Kia ora Matthew, I like your style! I really appreciate the way you have given time to students from around the globe to encourage them in their learning. You will never know the impact this has had on their learning and their lives - unless of course you blog as a teacher and get to see the kids faces when they 'go global'.
    I appreciate the way you mentioned in another one of your posts about the need for American teachers to encourage diversity by getting kids to talk to kids from other countries - you are so right. So make sure you do it yourself.
    Finally I loved your comment on Dr Strange's blog about student ZZZ. My own son would have written the same thing :)
    Dorothy, NZ