Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Comments for Teachers Week 10 and 12

At the Teacher's Desk is a blog where teachers collaborate and post things that they are important. Like the post How to Get (and Keep) More Visitors where Mr. C gives advice on how to increase your number of views. His advice is really simple:1. Hits add up 2. Post regularly 3. Use words in your title that are specific and that people often google 4. Comment on other blogs.

Another use of the blog is its a place where teachers can voice their concerns. Like the blog How do I know I am not just being selfish? Mr. C expresses his fears that he is just pushing technology on to others because he is interested. He feels that he is more excited about the technology than his students. The good thing about this blog is his fears don't just sit there.

Other teachers read his posts and tell him their opinion which can help him in his teaching. I think blogs like this are a good idea. Not only are the teachers sharing what they have found to be useful but they also create a support group. A teacher knows they are there and if they need help or advice on something they have a handful of teachers a click away.

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