Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 12

Dear Kaia

Mr. Jabiz, a teacher in Qatar, simply posted the simple photo essay that his daughter, Kaia, made. It was basically her telling about what she took pictures of while walking outside with her father. From this simple post, they have gotten attention from around the world. Mr. Chamberlain was one of the first to comment on Kaia's blog.

I think this is a stroke of luck. Each thing that happened was by chance but it was a good thing. This little girl is growing up with the world at her fingers and probably doesn't even know it. She thinks it is just fun and games and gets to have new friends from everywhere. I hope she continues to post on her blog, making comments, and just having an opinion to share with the world.

I can use Mr. Jabiz's and Mr. Chamberlain's example and encourage students to (safely) put themselves out there and meet other students from around the world. They say that americans have problems with diversity but noone is really doing anything about it. Why not just allow them to talk with kids from different countries whos culture is so completely different from their own.


  1. Hey Matthew, it’s amazing and scary to see how a small girl like Kaia learned even the simplest things about technology and some adults know nothing.

  2. I have to agree with Heather. Here we are looking at a small child that is using technology and enjoying sharing her thoughts with the world and there are adults that don't even know how to use a digital camera. AMAZING!