Saturday, April 3, 2010



I have used Skype in the past, and recently, to communicate with my mom when she goes to California on business trips. When she is sent out there, finishing projects for the navy, she is normally there from 4 to 6 months at a time. So it is much cheaper and easier to communicate with her using Skype. My aunt, who is an elementary school teacher, also uses Skype to communicate with my mother when she is out of town.


I did my interview with my aunt Traci Brewton and told her about what all we have come in contact with in this class (meaning all the kids blog posts and video's and pictures) and asked her if she does any of these things in her class room at Nan Grey Davis elementary. Sad to say, they do not. In fact, the thought had never crossed her mind to introduce her students to blogging for educational purposes. After discussing everything I'm doing in my class room and the things she could be doing, she was eager to find out IF and when she could do anything similar in her class room.

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