Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week 14

Blog assignment 14/project 8: Teaching Someone Using Technology

I've decided to combine the two because they are both relative to each other.

When I become a teacher I would like to experiment on what I mentioned in my post about Dr. Alice Christie. VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS!!! I would like to allow my students to get the most out of their field trips. I would like to have an end of the semester (or end of school year, which ever applies) project where my students would give a presentation of a field trip, or trips, and show what they learned.

Throughout the year I would have my students learn how to use a video camera, make short tutorial videos, use audio recorders, use digital cameras, upload videos and photos, and create small sample presentations to prepare them for the final project. I would grade them on participation only, until they do their final project. They would have the option of doing either a video project or a presentation (possibly using google docs) with pictures and audio. Audacity would probably be my audio recorder of choice for this project.

A good example I thought of is to have a few students collaborate on a presentation for....a field trip to the zoo. Have them take pictures of whatever animals they desire (minimum of about 10 animals) and describe; the environment the animal lives in, the types of foods they eat, life span, whether the animals discussed are social or non-social creatures, any interesting adaptations... Things of that sort. I will have only a basic foundation for what they should talk about, but encourage creativity.

I think it would be awsome to see a group of kids do this and take turns recording the audio to go along with their presentation and maybe add in some animal sounds in the audio to match which animal they are discussing at the time. The projects that are the best, I could use the follow year as a learning tool for new students. Show them the possible types of field trips we could take and the possibilities and examples of what they could do for their virtual field trip.


  1. This is a perfect example of why virtual field trips are a good thing in the classroom and for fun. It is awesome that you took the time to explain everything that was needed to have this blog be understandable.

  2. What a fantastic idea. I am eager for you to get started. Only what? two more years?