Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 13

The strange thing is....when I saw this as a child, I just thought it was a funny story. Really its telling everyone to stop being so stubborn, that the world will continue with or without you or your contributions. This can be directly applied to schools use of technology. The system will continue to grow even if a few schools stand idle and stubborn, stuck in their old ways. As I have gotten older I have realized that Dr. Seuss's stories hold a lot more depth than what I had originally thought as a child.

Why is it Important for Students to Share their Work??.

(above is a yellow ceramic piggy bank I made for my sis and nephew. It was on display at MGCCC Student Art Show spring sememster 2009) more pics of the art on display at the link, which takes you to Mr. Pool's facebook where he has pics of every piece, even one of my charcoal drawings. Feel free to explore!

I think it is very important for students to publish their work in some way. When discussing this topic with a friend she said that the internet is like a refrigerator. As a kid, when I did something I was proud of my mom would put it on the fridge for all to see, but now with access to the internet my work can be put up on the web for all to see. So with this as my fridge I posted a picture of one of my art pieces I have done. I think that just knowing people are looking at your work and even having some comment about it makes your confidence go up. Mr. C's class blog is an excellent example! The earlier children start sharing their work with the world, the more confident they will be in the future.

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